Pivot to Civic is a biweekly newsletter for entry-level
civic tech jobs.


The Pivot to Civic initiative aims to build a talent pipeline of budding designers, developers, and product people into the social impact technology space. We are a group of recent grads who set out to cultivate a community of entry-level techies and provide them the opportunity to make an impact. We seek to educate, connect, and equip the next generation of mission-driven technologists with the tools they need to make a difference.

We'll send you jobs with organizations that are, in some way, working to make the world better. We'll send you openings in product, design, and engineering from advocacy organizations, government, social enterprise, and more.

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Our Team

Emily Fong

Co-Founder, Technical Lead

Genesia Ting

Co-Founder, Design Lead

Omer Bensaadon

Co-Founder, Product Lead


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